Wrongful Death

Each year in Indi­ana and around the coun­try, thou­sands of indi­vid­u­als lose their lives as a result of someone’s action or inac­tion. When neg­li­gence or care­less­ness leads to the wrong­ful death of a loved one, the bur­den can be over­whelm­ing. While it might seem like noth­ing can relieve the sense of loss you feel, legal action might help you relieve some of the finan­cial bur­den asso­ci­ated with a wrong­ful death case.

In the midst of your grief, it’s impor­tant to under­stand your legal rights and options.

Our per­sonal touch on your case allows us to achieve the com­pen­sa­tion that you deserve and the help you need to relieve some of your bur­den. Our attor­neys at Cline Far­rell Christie & Lee have suc­cess in many dif­fer­ent types of claims that may con­sti­tute a wrong­ful death case, including:

  • Med­ical Malpractice
  • Motor Vehi­cle Accidents
  • Prod­uct Liability
  • Road­way Design
  • Slip or Fall
  • Elec­tri­cal Accidents
  • Fires and Explosion
  • Con­struc­tion and Work­place Accidents
  • Farm Acci­dents

If you’ve lost some­one you love to neg­li­gence or care­less­ness, please get in touch. Our expe­ri­enced lawyers has decades of expe­ri­ence help­ing fam­i­lies fight for what’s fair when the worst has hap­pened. We are happy to offer a free eval­u­a­tion of your poten­tial case and advise you about your legal options.