Roadway Design Litigation

Car acci­dents bring with them no short­age of stress and headache. Even in the best-case sce­nario, insur­ance claims and police reports alone can be tough to deal with. Seri­ous injury and death add another layer of grief, pain, and finan­cial bur­den. But what hap­pens when it’s not just the neg­li­gence of a dri­ver on the road that caused an acci­dent, but the very design of the road­ways you trust to carry you safely on your way?

Every road­way has sev­eral ele­ments that must all be designed and main­tained prop­erly to work in har­mony to keep dri­vers safe. Acci­dents can occur with increased fre­quency when those ele­ments weren’t designed prop­erly, including:

  • Bank­ing
  • Bar­ri­ers and Guardrails
  • Exit and Entry Free­way Ramps
  • Lane and Edge Markings
  • Road Signs
  • Inter­sec­tions

If you sus­pect that poor road­way design may have played a role in the con­di­tions that led to your motor vehi­cle acci­dent, you need a legal part­ner that can help you get what’s fair from the par­ties account­able while you focus on mov­ing for­ward with your life. The Indi­ana lawyers at Cline Far­rell Christie & Lee have decades of expe­ri­ence in road­way design lit­i­ga­tion, and are happy to advise you on your legal rights and options.

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