Premises Liability

Slips and falls, dog bites, assaults and attacks due to inad­e­quate security—these are all unfor­tu­nate acci­dents that occur every day. Injuries caused by any of these inci­dents on another’s premises are often the result of unsafe con­di­tions or neg­li­gent main­te­nance by the premises’ owner. These injuries can be dev­as­tat­ing and often change the qual­ity of life of those who have sus­tained them.

If you or a loved one has sus­tained an injury while on another’s premises or from a dog bite, it’s impor­tant to under­stand that you have legal rights and options. You may not be able to reverse these injuries, but you deserve fair­ness. When deal­ing with a premises lia­bil­ity law­suit, you want to know that you are work­ing with an attor­ney you are com­fort­able with and will fight to get you the fair­ness you deserve.

If you are ready to explore your legal rights, con­tact one of our prac­ticed premises lia­bil­ity attor­neys for a free eval­u­a­tion about your poten­tial case and advice on your legal options.