Inadequate Security

Hotels, motels, apart­ment com­plexes, areas near restau­rants, and park­ing lots are full of dimly lit areas, tun­nels, cor­ri­dors, and other areas where crimes are eas­ily com­mit­ted. While secu­rity should be a top pri­or­ity for all of these loca­tions, this sim­ply isn’t the case. A lack of secu­rity makes many of these places dan­ger­ous for you as a cus­tomer. Many cus­tomers are unfor­tu­nately robbed, shot, stabbed, raped, or even killed due to inad­e­quate secu­rity measures.

If you’ve been the vic­tim of crime that was eas­ily avoid­able with proper secu­rity mea­sures in place, you have legal rights. Though no law­suit or court case will ever reverse the dam­age of the expe­ri­ence, it can help you get the peace of mind you need to get your life back on track. It’s impor­tant for you to have some­one who under­stands what you’ve been fight­ing through on your side. Inad­e­quate secu­rity cases can cover many cir­cum­stances, including:

  • Improper back­ground checks on employ­ees and security
  • Poor or inad­e­quate lighting
  • Lack of closed-circuit sur­veil­lance cam­eras or other secu­rity technology
  • Lack of secu­rity personnel

Many tragedies can be avoided with proper secu­rity in place. If you were the vic­tim of a crime due to inad­e­quate secu­rity mea­sures, con­tact an expe­ri­enced attor­ney at Cline Far­rell Christie & Lee in Indi­anapo­lis. We will eval­u­ate your poten­tial case and advise you regard­ing your legal options.