Car and Truck Accidents

After you’ve been in a motor vehi­cle acci­dent in Indiana, you’ve got a lot to han­dle. There’s your insurance company to talk with, and perhaps another driver’s. Indiana rail­road accidents or incidents involving a semi on one of our interstates could bring busi­nesses and other groups into the mix. What­ever your unique circumstances, the stress related to an injury caused by a motor vehi­cle acci­dent is a large bur­den to bear.

Our attor­neys have decades of exper­tise representing clients across Indi­ana in a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent car and truck acci­dent cases. Each one is different, but we know the basics of the process and what important details can make or break a case. From insur­ance claims to law­suits and all the way to court (if nec­es­sary), we’ve helped our clients fight for what’s fair, whether they’ve experienced:

You don’t have to bear the bur­den of your injuries alone. Con­tact us today to con­nect with a firm pre­pared to see you through your case and help you move on. We’re happy to offer a free eval­u­a­tion of your poten­tial case and advise you on your legal rights and options.

Or, to learn more about car accident law and truck accident law in Indiana, read our free eBook about some of the conditions and details relevant to a majority of Indiana car accident or truck accident injury cases. Remember, no incident is exactly like another, so it’s important to talk with an Indiana attorney specializing in accident injury if you believe you have a case.


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