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  • Off-Label Drug Use Risks

    Off-Label Drug Use Risks

    When a doctor prescribes an FDA-approved drug for something other than what the drug was originally intended, it is called off-label drug use. Doctors may suggest using medications for different conditions for many reasons, such as the drugs intended to …

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  • Effects of an Electrical Injury

    Effects of an Electrical Injury

    We’ve probably all gotten a small electric shock in our life, whether it’s from a lamp with a faulty wire or touching a doorknob after rubbing your feet on the carpet, and we’ve also probably laughed it off. But when …

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  • Lay-Down Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Liability

    Lay-Down Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Liability

    When a biker is forced to decide between risking a collision or laying down their bike to avoid an accident, it’s not an easy choice. Motorcycle drivers and their passengers can still get run over or injured even if they …

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  • Indianapolis Halloween Safety Tips

    Indianapolis Halloween Safety Tips

    All Hoosiers have a favorite way to spend the spookiest night of the year, Halloween. This year, October 31 itself is a Tuesday, meaning festivities may be extended over several days, leading to even more fun, but also more risks. …

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  • Intrauterine Devices: Reward Meets Risk

    Intrauterine Devices: Reward Meets Risk

    With healthcare in the United States changing, many women are worried about their access to birth control, especially if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. One long-term kind of birth control many are curious about is an intrauterine device, or …

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  • 10 Steps to Protect Yourself When You Visit the Hospital or Doctor

    10 Steps to Protect Yourself When You Visit the Hospital or Doctor

    Everyone has noticed. Health care has changed. You cannot rely on your health care providers to have your best interest in mind. This is the hard, cold reality of health care in America today. Doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants …

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  • 7 Fireworks Safety Tips

    7 Fireworks Safety Tips

    Fireworks are a big part of many 4th of July celebrations in Indiana. Have you talked with your family about fireworks safety? All fireworks contain some amount of black gun powder, making them all inherently dangerous and explosive. Sparklers, regardless …

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  • Work Zone Driving Safety

    Work Zone Driving Safety

    Three people are killed each day in roadway work zones throughout the United States, according to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDoT).  That’s one person every 8.2 hours.  There are more than 100 injuries each day and more than 40,000 …

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