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  • Concert and Festival Venue Responsibilities

    Concert and Festival Venue Responsibilities

    Festival organizers are not just in charge of booking great bands; they also have specific duties and responsibilities to anyone attending their event. Keeping attendees safe is a top priority for anyone organizing a music gathering, whether it’s a one-day …

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  • Haunted House Liability

    Haunted House Liability

    You know it’s fall when the leaves are turning orange and there is a hint of pumpkin spice in the air. With the change of the season comes spooky Halloween, along with trips to a haunted house. A haunted house …

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  • Indiana Moped Laws

    Indiana Moped Laws

    In Indiana, a “motor driven cycle” refers to mopeds, motorized scooters, and motorized bicycles. These vehicles are described as Class B MDC’s. Motor driven cycles like mopeds are their own class of vehicle under Indiana roadway law. There are rules …

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  • Indianapolis Regulations for Electric Scooters

    Indianapolis Regulations for Electric Scooters

    The sudden arrival of thousands of electric scooters in Indianapolis in June, and happy commuters that immediately started using them to jet from A to B, were a big surprise to the city that continues to ruffle some feathers. Indianapolis …

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  • Indiana Public Pool Safety Requirements

    Indiana Public Pool Safety Requirements

    Fighting the hot temps and Indiana humidity can be tough, but a trip to your local swimming pool always seems to do the trick. However the owners and operators of these oases need to follow local, state and federal laws …

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  • Indiana Boating Safety

    Indiana Boating Safety

    Home to many beautiful waterways, Indiana is a great state for boating. However, like all recreational sports, boating safety is not something to overlook. While knowing the rules and regulations makes for a solid foundation, it’s also important to understand …

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  • Safety Facts for Indiana Teenage Drivers

    Safety Facts for Indiana Teenage Drivers

    Especially in Indiana, where the sky meets the horizon and there’s corn for miles, little feels more freeing than finally getting your driver’s license. However, studies by the Indiana BMV show that teen drivers are at the highest risk for …

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  • Indiana Car Seat Laws

    Indiana Car Seat Laws

    From a child’s perspective, the car can seem like a magical place. The powerful “vroom” of the engine, the many mysterious dials and knobs, and the world zooming by outside the cool glass windows seems not just entertaining but safe. …

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