Cervical Cancer Screening FAQs

For most women, the life­long rou­tine of cer­vi­cal can­cer screen­ing begins around age 20 with a first Pap smear. It used to be rou­tine for these exams to occur every year, but now that we know more about human papilloma … Read More »

Lee Christie Wins Distinguished Barrister Award!

Kyle Christie, Kate Brown-Henry, Lee Christie, Lance Cline, Kathy Lee, and Lind­sey Pope­joy. We’re so proud of our res­i­dent “case whis­perer”, CFCL part­ner Lee Christie, who was awarded the sta­tus of Dis­tin­guished Bar­ris­ter by The Indi­ana Lawyer. The Indi­ana Lawyer … Read More »

Three Questions to Ask Before Childbirth

There are lit­er­ally thou­sands of ques­tions and “what-ifs” fly­ing around the mind of an expec­tant mother. Antic­i­pat­ing the new baby can be so excit­ing that a par­ent might not even con­sider ask­ing ques­tions to assess who is at lia­bil­ity in … Read More »

Trampoline Parks: Waivers and Liability

Tram­po­line parks are on the rise across the United States. In the Greater Indi­anapo­lis area alone, there are at least 4 tram­po­line facil­i­ties, which shows just how rapid this new trend in active enter­tain­ment is grow­ing. An entire facil­ity made … Read More »

Menopause Misdiagnosis

Women enter­ing menopause often have no idea what changes to expect in their body, mean­ing typ­i­cal symp­toms can be scary. How­ever, they can also be caused by issues other than menopause. Because menopause changes lots of things in a woman’s … Read More »

Indiana’s Bike Laws

Spring has sprung, which means Hoosiers are break­ing out their bicy­cles. Shar­ing the road is stress­ful for both cyclists and dri­vers, espe­cially if they don’t fully under­stand what rules apply to cars, what rules apply to bikes, and what rules … Read More »