Indiana Moped Laws

In Indiana, a “motor driven cycle” refers to mopeds, motorized scooters, and motorized bicycles. These vehicles are described as Class B MDC’s. Motor driven cycles like mopeds are their own class of vehicle under Indiana roadway law. There are rules about who can ride a moped, where they can be ridden, and more. Here are some important facts and answers to common questions about mopeds in Indiana.

What are the age and license restrictions for moped riding or moped ownership in Indiana?

The state of Indiana started requiring moped drivers be at least 15 years old in 2014. In addition, the individual must have either a valid learner’s permit or a state issued ID with a Class B MDC endorsement. Drivers can earn these from any license branch after passing a written test.

Do mopeds have to be registered in Indiana?

Yes. Registering your moped with the State of Indiana is simple at any BMV branch. There is no insurance requirement to register a moped or Class B MDC in the state of Indiana. Operators only need to bring proof of ownership and the $19 fee to secure registration.

What safety gear do I need to wear to ride a moped in Indiana?

If you are under the age of 18, it is mandatory in the state of Indiana to wear a helmet and eye protection when operating a moped. Wearing protective gear is always recommended even for adults.

A moped, like any Class B MDC, must have a fully functioning headlamp illuminated at all times.

Finally, as mopeds are often used for delivery jobs, it’s important to remember that operators are restricted from driving with packages in their hands.

Where can I drive my moped in Indiana?

Unlike snowmobiles, mopeds can be driven on most roads in Indiana. However, the law states that operators must stay in the far-right lane near the shoulder unless they are making a left-hand turn. Mopeds are restricted from interstate highways in all cases; this includes driving down the shoulder of I-70 or other major Indianapolis interstate highways. Keep the moped off roads that have on ramps and off ramps as these roads are interstate highways. On these highways the law says “No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.” As a moped’s maximum speed limit is 35 mph under Indiana law, it is both illegal and unsafe to drive a moped on these roads. Mopeds are not legally allowed to be ridden on the sidewalk in Indiana.

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