Indiana Driving Stats Show Dangerous Trends


An annual review of Indiana traffic safety statistics by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute has revealed some interesting regional differences in Hoosiers’ most common unsafe driving practices. Drivers in Southern Indiana are less likely to use a seatbelt, while those Northern Indiana are more likely to speed.

In 2015, 52% of drivers killed in an Indiana car accident weren’t wearing a seatbelt. 70% of backseat passengers killed were not wearing a seatbelt.  However, there has been a huge increase in the number of people wearing seatbelts in Indiana. That has led to an overall 17% decrease in the number of statewide fatalities related to not wearing a seatbelt.

Speeding-related fatalities in Indiana rose from 174 in 2009 to 232 in 2015. Incapacitating injuries caused by a car accident rose by 17% during the same time. Across the state, young male drivers are the most reckless. Lead researcher Dona Sapp called that “frustrating” in an interview with Indiana Public Radio. The annual survey has found young male Indiana drivers to be most reckless for several years now.

From 2009-2015, the annual number of traffic fatalities in Indiana rose over 18%. Serious and fatal accidents were found in the annual data review to be most common overnight. Car accidents also get more common going into and coming out of the weekend, the review found.

As we all use the highways and byways of our state, we hope knowing these statistics inspires you to take every step possible not to become one. Please drive safely and share this information with the other drivers in your life, especially teens.

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