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Per­sonal Injuries Change Lives

Cat­a­strophic injuries can have sig­nif­i­cant and long-term phys­i­cal, finan­cial and emo­tional con­se­quences. A seri­ous injury or the wrong­ful death of a beloved fam­ily mem­ber leads to major emo­tional and often finan­cial burdens.

We rec­og­nize how con­fus­ing and dif­fi­cult it can be to deal with insur­ance com­pa­nies and med­ical providers after a per­sonal injury, truck or car accident, or incident of medical malpractice. The personal injury attorneys of Cline Farrell Christie & Lee in Indianapolis are ded­i­cated to deliv­er­ing client ser­vice with the utmost care. We take each case seri­ously, whether it is worth $20,000 or $20 mil­lion to our client.

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